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About Henry & Son

We are a collective of artists and artisans who give life to objects and spaces. We revive furniture and look upon blank walls as canvases.

My name is, Dominick. I'm the "Son" part of Henry & Son, the original artist's son and manager. Henry & Son started out as an effort to revive my father's art career. He graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw but was unable to pursue his passion in the U.S. as life got in the way. Now, with my initiative, he's been able to fully invest in his true calling and we've even been able to find a handful of other exceptional artists and artisans to join our enterprise.

Hand painting trunk top.jpg

Our Process

Send us pictures, ideas, desires, dimensions of the object/artwork in question and we'll get back to you with an estimate! We do work both on-site and remotely depending on the project. We'll help cultivate your idea, advise you on what makes sense, or simply pick a color. 


Sanding, Staining, sealing, structural fixes, spot fixes, upholstery, painting; we're familiar with various types of finishing and I'm confident we'd be able to help you. 


Faux marble painting, faux wallpapers, whatever effect you're trying to achieve, we'll do our best to help. 

Whether for business or personal, I'm sure with a mutual effort we'll produce something that will bring a space to life. 


We love art. We'd love to take your idea and blossom it. We'd love to take a piece of artwork and restore it. We're thankful for the opportunity to do so.   

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Our Quality Guarantee

At Henry and Son, we understand that these projects may mean a lot to you. We've worked on furniture passed down from generations. We're truly passionate about our work and take great pride in restoring something that can't be replaced. In a culture that is so quick to replace, we're the ones seeing potential beauty in everything. We know that value extends beyond what can be quantified and our work reflects that.  

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