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Bring life to your space with mural painting! Whether at your home or business, we at Henry and Son can help supplement a theme with a beautifully articulated and skillfully executed mural or motif painted any size. Landscapes, seascapes, animate or inanimate objects, fictional scenes, supple or rigid designs, we'll work with you to achieve a mutual vision. 


We work alongside business owners to foster a vision that aligns with the spirit of the space. 
A mural painted with watercolor paints depicting a town in Poland painted on a cafe wall

Open Door Tea

Dear Childhood Me, 

The owner of Open Door Tea made a most sentimental request. The mission was to depict the quaint Polish town of their childhood. Based on a series of photographs we were able to piece together the town through the tender aid of watercolors. 

Tribos Peri Peri

Supa Hot Fire

A franchisee was opening up a location of a popular Peri Peri food chain. We tried to capture the inherent heat of the cuisine through kaleidoscopic patterns and intense, warm colors. 

Private/ Residential

We work with home owners to foster a vision that takes inspiration from ideals, sentimentality, meaning and purpose.